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What are the areas of practice for Ms. Olivier?

Insurance Bad Faith, Sexual Harassment, Automobile Accidents, Trucking Accidents, Property Insurance, Slip and Fall, Criminal Law, DUI/DWI, Civil Practice, Business Law, Wills and Probate, Personal Injury, Hurricane Claims, Tornado Claims, Fire Claims, Property Damage, Trusts and Estates, Transportation, Litigation, Labor and Employment. 

How long has Frances M. Olivier been practicing law?

Over 30 years as a prosecutor, in-house counsel for a national insurance and a large gaming corporation. As a victim of Hurricane Katrina, she was also at the forefront of  pushing through speedier litigation schedules and creating laws that were more favorable to citizens suffering due to a natural disaster.  

What is the out of pocket cost of hiring a lawyer to

represent me in a damage claim?

In most cases, the Law Office of Frances M. Olivier handles these matters on a

contingency basis wherein she advances the cost of litigation. The practice only

gets paid or recovers its cost if successful in the litigation. During the course of

the litigation, the client has no out of pocket expense. In all cases, Ms. Olivier will

set up a one hour meeting to review your case free of charge.

If I do not live in Louisiana, can the Law Office of Frances M. Olivier still handle my case?


What if I just want to talk about my situation  to explore legal options?

Ms. Olivier welcomes consults so that your case and situation can be evaluated  professionally. Consultations are at no cost.

How do I reach Ms. Olivier?

Call her office at (504) 483-6334, or send her an email at


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