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Compassionate With You. Tough on the Opposition.
When your livelihood, safety or reputation is in danger, it is important to hire a lawyer who understands your situation and is committed to your cause. Ms. Olivier is compassionate with her clients, but aggressive against her opponents. She can evaluate your circumstances and build a strong case supported by the facts. An experienced trial attorney, she does not shy away from fighting for you in court. Ms. Olivier has a proven record of litigation success that speaks volumes about her experience, knowledge and skill.

Making a Difference After Hurricane Katrina
Ms. Olivier is also committed to her community. As a Hurricane Katrina  victim herself, she applied her understanding and experience as a former insurance company lawyer to secure every dollar possible for other Katrina victims struggling to recover.

Ms. Olivier was at the forefront of the group of attorneys who

pushed for speedier litigation schedules, creating laws that were

more favorable to homeowners and citizens, and helping anyone

who needed help in general. She offered assistance to her clients

who were mired in issues with the Small Business Association

(SBA), The Road Home Program, their mortgage companies and

the IRS as a courtesy to her clients because it was the right thing

to do for them.

Small Practice Offers Personal Service
Ms. Olivier's small practice allows her to provide personal service

to her clients. She chose to have a solo practice because she likes

the personal relationships she has with her clients. There is no one

else handling your case but her. Ms. Olivier can provide most of the

legal services that a family would need. She gets to know her clients' families and is there to celebrate the highs and to provide support during the lows.

Easy To Reach. Ready to Help.
When you need help or advice, you will be able to speak with her directly. If there is a problem, Ms. Olivier's clients do not hesitate to call her. She will work hard to make a difference by problem solving and getting a resolution.

Whether it is for criminal defense or civil ligation, she will take on your cause as her own. Contact the Law Office of Frances M. Olivier for a free consultation today by calling (504) 483-6334 or email her at

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